Due to lack of sign ups, the Coby Classic for 2019 is cancelled.  Please don't let this discourage you.  We plan to come back next year, better than ever and we hope you will continue to participate & support our efforts, this organization & its mission.

June 30, 2019

East Windsor PAL Complex

Airport Rd, East Windsor. NJ

All proceeds will benefit The BeTheLi9ht Foundation

Coby Classic Soccer Tournament!
The BeTheLi9ht Foundation was created in the memory of Coby St. Phard, who was a member of the class of 2016 at Notre Dame HS School.  Coby died by suicide at the age of 18.  Fly High Coby was created by the St. Phard family to provide college scholarships to high school seniors, to promote suicide prevention causes and to raise awareness of mental health issues.  We want to bring young people together to discuss mental wellness and to just have a day of fun and working together. 

Coby's friends created this soccer tournament to emulate who Coby was.  He was a soccer play, but even more than that, he was a friend.  He was someone who was a friend to all and a light in the darkness.  We want to spread that light. We also want kids to know that it is ok to not be ok.  There is help out there.

There are three divisions:

Middle School Division (ages 11-14)

Competitive Division (with mostly varsity/high level/college level players)

Just for Fun Division (Just there for the fun, maybe played but not high level) 
Please note:  This tournament is for fun, in the memory of Coby, who was a light to others and always made sure that he was putting a smile on the face of others.  Please keep this in mind as you play and be sportsmanlike & courteous.  No cursing or fighting will be tolerated.  Referees will have the right to disqualify teams who do not adhere to these rules.  
*8 to 11 players for 8v8 games (Ages 11-22)
*If you will be returning to play on a high varsity school team for the 2018-2019 season, your team must be coed due to state rules.
*Spots limited to 12 teams per division
*Registration must be completed by June 26th
*Registration Fee:  $20 per person  (Includes at least two games per team & team shirt)

This year, registration is online and individual. Please add your Team Name to the registration so we can associate you to the correct team. Also, if you are the Team Captain, please indicate that we well. If you are 18+, you can sign the online waiver form. If you are under 18, you must download the waiver form, have your parents sign and then upload.  Click the registration button at the top of the page to register.  

Other Activities for the Day:


Rock Painting

Music/Open Mic

Mental Health Awareness Organizations